Sunday, 22 February 2009

It's proven: Ideas are key.

Thanks for your input. Not only overhere, but also on my facebook profile.
I think it's scientifically proven;-) People are more likely to become a fan of an idea, than of anything else.

That’s a relief I have to say. Because, what else than ‘ideas’ are brands and trends? They are assumptions and associations concerning a product or service, or implications that come along with them.

@Sophie: I agree that ‘experience’ is quite important in building these associations. And probably its importance varies from culture to culture, country to country. (That might be the next poll;-)

But let me get back to the very beginning of our thoughts: My reason for asking the question of ‘fandom’ was the whole ‘become a fan of...’ thing on facebook. And I assume that the less concrete you are in what you ‘offer’ people to become a fan of, the more fans you will get. Because people will be able to think of ‘the topic’ as what they want it to be.

Again, this is where Hector Hugh Munro, aka ‘Saki’ comes in: ‘When baiting a mousetrap with cheese, always leave room for the mouse.’

Update: Official poll results, 2009-03-06

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